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Post by Joey on Wed Jan 08, 2014 2:11 pm

Character Name: Mirza Adil

Alias: The Desert Wind

Age: 19

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 205lbs

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Class: Swordmaster

Alignment: CG

Birthplace: Al'Rasheed

Abilities/Skill: Mirza is an exceptional duelist. He is near unmatched with a blade and can demonstrate the Raks Al'Mawt which is the dance of death. It is a deadly technique to which the duelist seems to dance with the blade, making swift dexterous cuts on the opponent whilst simultaneously wearing them down and avoiding blows. The Raks Al'Mawt is a world famous sword technique known only by Basil royalty. Mirza has also recieved training with the famous composite short bow, the Siyah, through which Basil camal archers (Rami) weild with deadly precision. He also learned from various members of the Rami to ride the camals and even shoot the Siyah whilst riding.
Mirza spent many years in the streets of Al'Rasheed and learned to survive out there. He picked up skills like lock picking and pick pocketing, doing whatever it took to make a living in the harsh desert city that is Al'Rasheed. Mirza is also very athletic and acrobatic able to scale buildings and other obstacles with the grace only a master of the Raks Al'Mawt could accomplish.
Mirza is also quite the smooth talker when he needs to be.

-Mirza limits his supplies to what he absolutely needs. This is due to needing to carry a light load whilst traveling through the Basil desert. He typically only carries small amounts of rations and basic supplies. He has a very limited amount of gold and will take most any job that comes his way.
-Mirza also carries a Siyah and a good amount of arrows.
-Mirza does have a steel gauntlet which he uses to climb things. It is designed to grip things that would other wise have no surface to grip. He also uses it to parry melee attacks in combat, sometimes grabbing an opponents weapon to throw them off guard.
-He has a camel named Anta A'need. The camel is very stubborn and lets no one but Mirza ride him. Anta generally carries Mirza's equipment and is not very brave. He often spits at people he is not fond of.
-Mirza's most prized and valuable possession is his blade. Therafim is its name and it is known among his people as the desert wind. Said to have the soul of a powerful djinn trapped inside, the blade has many powers and is light as a feather. The weapon has been known to conjure sand storms and even hurl waves of fire at enemies. It is said that wounds inflicted by Therafim burn with the intensity of a thousand desert suns. Most notably, however, Therafim permanently enchants its owner with an 'Endure Elements' spell, thus making it so whomever wields Therafim is unaffected by hot and cold temperatures in harsh environments.

Personality: Mirza is at first cold and not open to outsiders. He sees the bad in people long before he sees the good. He is not quick to trust and takes time to open up to people. When he does he is proud and confident. He loves to show off his skills and talk of his people and their strength. He is bold and fearless and seeks to prove himself to the people around him. He also loves to drink and will never turn down any form of challenge.

History: Mirza originally was the heir to the Basil throne. Destined to be Sultan one day he was given a life of luxury. He enjoyed the best clothes, food and luxuries money could buy. He also received the best training in all of Al'Rasheed, being thoroughly trained in the Raks Al'Mawt, or dance of death. He quickly became an exceptional duelist, bested by no one in Al'Rasheed and because of this, his father awarded him with an ancient blade known as Therafim. He was a prince among his people and well loved.
His life seemed to be going well until one day, when he went out to the bazaar to purchase unusual items and trinkets. He came across a beautiful common girl selling jewelry. He was awestruck by her beauty. He approached her in secret and the two become very close. Mirza would often steel away from his royal lifestyle to go see her. Her name was Farah and he quickly fell in love with her.
Mirza's father became suspicious of his son's secret outings and had the Hassansins follow him to where he was going. Upon discovering that the prized prince of the Basil people was in love with a woman of common blood he became outraged. The Hassansins gathered up Farah and brought her to the palace. She was beaten and broken and presented before Mirza and his father.
Mirza cried out to her and his father held him back. His father looked down to him and said "No prince of Al'rasheed will marry a common girl." He then issued the order to his Hassansin who slit Farah's throat.
Mirza was broken and he lashed out against his father, but the Hassansins held him back. Mirza spit and vowed that he would never forgive his father for what he did. That night Mirza slew the Hassansins that guarded him and left the palace, taking only his Siyah and Therafim with him.
He could not kill his father, but he could leave. He would never become the prized prince that his father wanted. It was the greatest insult he could give.
Mirza spent three long years learning to survive on the streets of Al'Rasheed. He was constantly hunted by the Hassansins and after a close call he decided to leave Al'Rasheed and brave the desert in search of a better place to live. He purchased a camel and set out through the desert.


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