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"Gentle as the wind, Hard as stone. Koyaanisqatsi " ~Katie Chechatoga

Name:Katie Chechatoga                                                        Name: Ranger
Age:17                                                                              Age: 5
Gender:Girl                                                                         Gender:Stallion
Weight:145                                                                        Weight: 1045
Hair Color: Blacker then Black with a red stripe on the side.         Coat Color:Black and white
Eye Color: Gray/Light Blue                                                     Eye Color: light blue
Height: 5'3                                                                          Height:17
Class: Ranger
Birthplace: Unknown....

Abilities/skill: Katie is able to track down animals and even people. She can identify animals, animal tracks and plants. Katie has the special ability to 'talk' to animals, she can look into their eyes and know what they are thinking, she gained this from studying the wildlife in Farwyn. Katie main weapon of choice is her bow, but she also has a knife which is a dragon tooth with a antler handle
Katie's deadly ability is to shoot her bow, she has a 70% chance of killing you, 20% of severely injuring you, and that oh so special 10% of her missing.

Equipment: Katie has a homemade bookbag. she carried supplies and herbs in it like, elfroot, snowberries, salt and pepper. In the outside pockets are bone knifes and small leather straps. On her beloved horse, Ranger carried a leather made saddle that has skins over it. He carried homemade saddlebags along with a 30ft long lasso on his left side and on his right a full cantine of fresh water. . He even carried animals on the sides of him  on him. Katies also carried a big tooth bone from a dragon, which she traded from a trader. She owns a Red(in color) red oak bow with silver tips and a shortsword. She wears a silver necklace with two green emerald dragons on it.

Personality: Katie is a hard person to get the know. Her rough past makes her hard to trust people or even talk to. She is quiet, shy, and is easily angered. She is very antisocial. Ranger on the other hand is outgoing and sweet. Ranger would give his life for Katie with no second thoughts.

History: At the age of five, Katie watched her house burn down with her mother inside it.  Her father put her on his horse and was never seen again. She was raised by a family friend, Terry Tavernwood.  Terry tried to raise Katie as a proper lady when she was eleven, but instead the young girl met a famous ranger, Trevor O'Conner. Trevor taught the the Katie  the ways of the ranger and told her stories about the Mustang -the most loyal and rarest breed of horse- he then left when she turned thirteen. She soon stumbled across a young colt who was tangled in ropes. She cut him free and he ran away. When Katie turned fifteen she came across the stallion again they bonded and Katie stuck with the stallion. She now hunts around Greenstone, stocking up the small town with supplies. Greenstone knows about Katie but many say that she is a black phantom who searches for her way to the light. She is now seventeen and she camps alone in the middle of a small meadow with her horse, Ranger.

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