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Sample Character sheet for Anthro campaign Empty Sample Character sheet for Anthro campaign

Post by George on Wed Aug 06, 2014 6:49 pm

Name: Evios Vassos

Species: Wolf

Kingdom: Felis

Class: Hoplite

Rank: Captain (low ranking leadership)

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Age: 20

Height: 6'0

Weight: 175lbs

Build: Athletic

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Personality: Passionate and loyal to his nation. Always willing to take a stand for what he loves and believes in, known for his reputation for fighting to the last man.

Flaws: His loyal and stubborn nature generally leads to rash decisions, often proving his situation as too much to handle. He also shows a compassion towards those less fortunate and can therefore be easily manipulated.

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Evios was born in the Felician city-state of Crosta, most know for producing the finest warriors in the Felician empire. Since the day he was able to walk he was put through rigorous training exercises as well as undergoing lessons on tactics and drills to strengthen the mind. Even with his brutal childhood, however, his mother managed to instill in him a sort of compassion that would set him apart from the others his age. He learned through her that there are times where obstacles cannot be overcome with the point of a spear or the edge of a blade. The council saw this and kept a close watch on him. When he was of age, he was brought before the council, one of the few selected to become officers of the Felician Army. Evios was accepted and was given the rank of  Lieutenant. The next four years were rough on the young wolf, having seen combat against Natives and Ardonians alike. One fateful evening, however, a warband of Tarok warriors ambushed a supply caravan that was bringing weapons and food to his starving troops. Evios lead his men in an attempt to aid the caravan. The counter assault was a success but at a great price for the Tarok fought with a ferocity Evios hadn't seen, even against the Natives. Many of his men were lost and most of the food supplies were burnt. When relief finally came to the camp, they found only Evios and a handful of other soldiers, picking the bones of corpses clean with bloodstained maws. Evios was put on trial for his actions, the final ruling being a permanent post at the south western edge of the territory, only miles away from Ardonian territory and a war camp raised by the Tarok. It was an outpost set for exiles to hold until death claimed them, set in a small village that belonged to no city-state.

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