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Post by Admin on Wed Dec 30, 2015 2:17 pm

We all know are are familiar with the usual rules of RP, but I feel I should mention that now that this site has gone from a single RP to any number of them, we need to keep things somewhat organized. So here are some guide lines to follow when posting:

RP section: Name your RP so it doesn't get mixed up with other RPs. Calling an RP episode 1, might cause confusion, but calling it World of Neos: episode 1 will save everyone a few clicks.

Character Applications: Just mention the RP that the character belongs. The current character sheets belong to the old KOTRP and can be used as reference.

Lore: Lore sections can get messy really easy. Try to keep the number of topics to a minimum and as above label the topic so it can be identified which RP it goes to.

OOC Discussion: Just go ham in here.

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