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 Andromeda: Kazir Empty Andromeda: Kazir

Post by Tori on Fri Mar 04, 2016 12:01 am

Name: Kazir Sharp-Claws

Race: Cathar/Gata

Sex: Male

Fur: Black leopard

Hair: Slicked back black mohawk, often in a small pony tail.

Age: 26

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 245lbs

Occupation: Mercenary

Alignment: NG

Abilities/skill: WIP

Equipment: WIP

Personality: Kazir may look like he could kill someone with one glance, but actually he is a giant teddy bear...uh cat... When not on a job, Kazir likes relax at local bars where the liquor is good and the Jazz is sweet. Although he is almost always a sweetheart. Now like every cat, he does have a nasty temper, which only comes out when he is annoyed or provoked.
(may add more)

History: Kazir was adopted by the Polis people when he was just a little cub. He was one of the few to be selected and used as a experiment. An experiment to see if the Gata race could be taught new things or if they where classified as a 'Unintelligent' race, Kazir proved that wrong. When he was a young lad, around 19 or maybe even 20. He joined the Polis Army. From there he rose up from being a Private to a Command Sergeant Major. Pretty good for a cat yes? He was doing good until he walked upon a group of solider that where plotting to back-stab the Army. Sadly this cat was caught and given a horrible punishment... the group held down the cat and cut out his tongue and named him as a deserter. Once this reached the higher ranks, Kazir had no choice but to run. Now he lingers in bars, Being hired as a mercenary or sometimes hired as a fighter for fight clubs.

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