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Andromeda: Skarr Bloodtalon Empty Andromeda: Skarr Bloodtalon

Post by George on Thu Mar 17, 2016 9:28 pm

Name: Skarr

Clan: Bloodtalon

Race: Brox

Sex: Male

Skin: Green scaled

Hair: None

Age: 25

Height: 6'10

Weight: 300lbs

Occupation: Space Pirate

Alignment: CN

Andromeda: Skarr Bloodtalon 2zfs8yo

Abilities/Skills: Pilot of a salvaged ship, known as the Void Runner, one that can barely run for anyone except for Skarr himself who built the ship from scrap and thus knows its inner workings. That being said, Skarr has a knack for starship repair, though he mostly relies on jury rigging things to make something work. He is also skilled in close quarters combat, specializing mostly in hand-to-hand though there is rarely a time where a pistol or shotgun isn't close on hand. His racial traits have granted him increased strength as well as a tough hide that makes him resistant to physical attacks. He can still be shot down but it requires more ammunition than it would to bring down a human. His physique gives him an air of intimidation, though some are bolder than others.

Equipment: Skarr doesn't wear much other than a pair of white pants specifically designed for his race and a belt around his waist. He's typically armed with two high frequency combat knives and a Firestorm variant combat shotgun. He owns many other weapons that are kept on his ship, though they're mostly weapons he has lifted from other ships that he has raided.

He owns nothing in terms of land or housing other than his ship, the Void Runner. The ship is an abomination pieced together from other junkers that he has rigged into a working ship with hyper space capability. The ship is relatively unarmed other than a single photon cannon that Skarr has never fired for fear that the recoil would tear his rag tag ship apart.

Personality: Brash and abrasive. Often one to pick a fight after a long night of drinking. He's stubborn and set in his ways as most of his kind are. When not drinking he's pretty level headed though most would consider him one they would rather not be around.

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