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Post by Hawk on Sun Apr 03, 2016 9:24 pm

Name : Juno Warwick

Age: 37

Sex: Female

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 145

Hair: Orange-ish Red

Eyes: Brown.

Alignment: True Netural

Appearance. Juno is in tip top physical condition, she is tall and athletic. She is instantly recognizable by her red hair, which is a blessing or a curse. She has a Robotic Prosthetic Left Arm. Juno wears her hair in a tight bun so it stays out of her eyes. She is usually seen in her standard Light to medium Combat Armor, with a Small Firearm on her right side and a Light Rifle on her back. Picture Femshep

Andromeda: Juno Warwick GRAMMY+Nominations+Concert+Live+Press+Room+8uesw9NwYCKl

Andromeda: Juno Warwick Jpg
Andromeda: Juno Warwick Prosthetic

Short BackGround.

Juno was drafted in at an Early Age of 15 during the Second Contact war Between The Humans of Gecan and the Brox. A bumbling awkward teen quickly shaped up into a ruthless and efficient soldier during those times. She eventually rose her way up through the Ranks enough to Transition into A Galactic Gecan Fighter Pilot, where she found true Success. She flew numerous tremendously successful and dangerous missions during her tenure. Unfortunately her luck could only hold for so long. During a Field Mission on a Remote Brox planet after they had just taken down its Orbital Defenses, Juno led a Small contingent into a Small Military Stronghold. On their way they were Ambushed by Brox Insurgents and her entire Company was wiped out save Juno, Having only survived by the very dead bodies of her comrades camouflaging her.

Juno Lost her Arm, her dear friends, and her will to Live.

She was sent to Rehab. She was Honorably Discharged from the Gacean Navy.

The road to recovery was hard, and still is.

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