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Land of Neos: Creya Empty Land of Neos: Creya

Post by Joey on Fri Apr 15, 2016 11:44 am

Name: Creya

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Hair: Dark Blue, ,messy, somewhat short

Age: 20

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 225lbs

Class: Barbarian

Alignment: CG

Appearance: Face-wise think a blue haired Ichigo (Bleach). He is tall and well built. He does not wear a shirt ever and prefers to wear sandals or be barefoot.

Abilities/Skill: Creya's fighting style is quite brutish. He wields a massive sword (which actually looks like a giant kunai) and attempts to overwhelm his opponents with raw strength. With that being said, Creya's strength is extraordinary. He can lift things most humans couldn't hope to. This strength comes from years of battling large river/lake monsters and fish. Outside of his brutish combat style he is quite the fisherman. He can tie knots with the best of them and there is little he cannot catch with a rod and reel. His preferred method of fishing is to dive in after the fish and catch them with his fishing knife. He can also cook the fish he catches and given the right spices could be considered one of the best cooks in the village.

Equipment: Creya is well known in his village for his sword he carries with him. His younger sister crafted it uniquely for him and he uses it to fell the larger monsters that lurk in the wetlands of his home. The blade is quite heavy and is difficult to wield for anyone of average strength. With that said, Creya wields the massive sword with ease. Creya also has his curved fishing knife, his rod and reel, some fishing supplies, a net and about 50ft of rope.

Personality: Creya is a very stern individual. He has little social experiences with people outside his village and is never sure how to interact in most social situations. His sense of humor is a bit stale and it often takes him longer to catch on to jokes. He is not afraid, however, to engage in conversation, he is just not very good at it, regularly leading to awkward situations. Despite this he has a good heart and will fiercely defend those he holds dear.

Backstory: Creya comes from a small fishing village in the southern wetlands. The climate there is very warm and very wet and quite tropical. There is less than fifty people living in his village and everyone knows everyone. At a young age Creya lost his parents to a monster attack that nearly devastated his entire village. A handful of brave hunters from the Hunter's guild arrived in time to slay the beast and Creya envied them. He wanted to be like them and to defend helpless people. His younger sister Ren was devastated by the loss and withdrew into books that she frequently traded for whenever merchants came for fish. Creya did the best he could to raise Ren, but as she blossomed into a woman and studied her books hard she quickly began to take care of Creya as much as he took care of her. Ren grew into quite the artificer and eventually began to build up quite a reputation with the merchants. She even built her own workshop and made Creya his greatsword. Ren eventually convinced Creya to become a hunter and travel the world. No one means as much to Creya as Ren does and he could not let his sister down. He left his village and ventured out into the world to become a hunter.

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