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Post by Tori on Tue May 10, 2016 4:16 pm

Name: Belle Ainsworth

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Hair: Blonde

Age: 22

Height: 5'4

Weight: 130


Alignment: NG

Appearance:  Belle has long wavy blonde hair, gentle brown eyes, red lips and nicely tanned skin.
When riding, she wears a white silky blouse, with waist high dark brown riding pants, along with black riding boots, which all of his was hidden under her dark blood red cloak.
When not riding Belle wears a pretty dress,  it has a white long sleeve top (like a ruffle blouse), a red waist band and a yellow and red bottom. She almost always has a umbrella with her, as well (pictures of the dress coming soon)

Abilities/Skills: Belle, unlike most ladies, is very good with a bow. She self taught herself how to shoot, along with learning to shoot on horseback. Belle is very good at riding, she was taught at the age of 2 how to ride, and since then this girl has been called the champion of riding. Though sadly when she came of age, her father told her she could no longer show jump and go with the men on Fox Hunts. Speech and persuasion is a good talent that Belle has. From being a lady, this girl can practically get whatever she wants (though she would do no such thing cause she is a sweet girl)

Personality:Belle is not the average lady. Oh no, she is a rare soul in this world. She is gentle, kind and has a wild spirit. She often secretly donates money to her local church in the village of South Water, just a few miles down the road. She does this in secret because Her father, the Lord of the Ainsworth's is a very greedy man. Most of her siblings -actually all five of them- are spoiled, rude and selfish brats. All but Miss Belle. Now, Belle isn't just a push over either, this little girl can hold her ground... which can lead her into trouble since ladies are supposed to be quiet most of the time.

Belle's casual outwear
Belle's Ball gown
Atlas, Belle's personal horse

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